Test de nivel de inglés

Hi! Bienvenido/a a nuestra prueba de nivel
para principiantes 
de Smart English en Málaga.

¡Tienes 10 minutos para responder la respuesta correcta de 25 preguntas!

My girlfriend Barbara _______ very tall.
Which of the things below can you normally find in a school?
How old are you?
He went to the Stadium..... .
How long have you been living in London?
We haven't got ..... money.
I have been waiting  ______ her.
Peter ..... fly to San Francisco tomorrow.
He plays soccer .....
.... some more coffee?
I wanted a green shirt but they only had .....
He ..... never been to America.
I will see you .... the dinner
The house was empty. There ..... there.
If I ..... rich, I ..... buy a house on the beach.
When she arrived, he ..... .
I forgot ..... the lights before I left.
By the time you finish the class I ..... .
The room can't be dirty she .....
He plays soccer, ..... ?
I ..... want to go with you
If only I .... to the party instead of staying at home.
You can watch TV ..... you like.
This house is quite old. It .... in 1910.
.... least, you do not have to go back.

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